Welcome to Mandjoogoordap Dreaming

In the local dialect of the region’s first people, ‘Mandjoo’ means (meeting place) and ‘goordap’ means  (of the heart).
Cultural knowledge and positive memories are part of the experience that we would like to share with you when you come along on a tour with  Mandjoogoordap Dreaming. Our homeland has many secret and wonderful places, each with its own story to tell. If you're looking for things to do in Mandurah, join your host on a unique journey and take away some lasting memories from this special place.

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Learn about Bushcraft

Growing up in this region, the bush was a place of learning, a place where children were taught traditional ways, we call it Bushcraft.
Hunting skills and learning where and when to forage for certain  bushfoods. The aroma of campfire smoke, plants, animals and foods
that were cooked on or in the coals invokes powerful memories. My family continues these practices just as our ancestors before us
have done for thousands of years. Join us on one of our Mandurah dreaming tours and learn about traditional Bushcraft.